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Мест лодки Moltrasio зимнего хранения озеро Комо

The picturesque village, another famous tourist center of Lake Como, is crossed by a stream that swelled after the rains, form a noisy waterfall jumping out of a deep valley, this was particularly admired by Vincenzo Bellini, the most important composer of the country that hosted.
The town, with its hamlets, is placed in front of Torno, lying on the banks of the lake and clinging to the slopes of Mount Bisbino.

Villa Passalacqua or Palace of Moltrasio

On the way we see the gate of this large villa, also known as the Palace of Moltrasio.
The first part was built at the behest of the Odescalchi family towards the end of 700, built within the walls of the old monastery of the Humiliated, was completed only after they have been sold to the Count Andrea Passalacqua, who entrusted the work to Felice Soave.
The villa, decorated with frescoes by Andrea Appiani including a Virgin and Child in 1790, also boasts of a beautiful garden with terraces supported by vaults and walls and a nineteenth-century chapel with medieval sculptures. There were many characters impostanti guests at the villa, Vincenzo Bellini also stayed there, and it was here that, attracted by the romance of the landscape, he composed The Foreign and part of La Sonnambula.

Church of St. Agatha

To access the Romanesque church, flanked by a sturdy bell tower in Lombard style of the twelfth century, decorated with arches and open with single and double windows, you need to walk the cypress avenue that allows access to Villa Passalacqua.
It features a façade, elongated on the right side after the addition of a second aisle, the left side is covered with frescoes depicting St. Christopher and the Martyrdom of St. Agatha. Inside there are frescoes with figures of devotees, among which we remember the painting of Saint Lucia. In the seventeenth century, when the country was hit by the plague that decimated the population, was used as a hospital.



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