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Laglio and its hamlets are charming, full of light and scents. The hamlet of Torriggia is lied down on the tip that goes to the lake and constitutes, with its 650 meters, the most narrow point between the two sides of the Lario and also the point of maximum depth, 410 meters.

Villa Fasola (said Magnolie)

Now Melograno, rises at the beginnig of the hamlet of Vergonzano; it has a big garden that goes down to lake, where there is a dock. Monument to Vincenzo Bellini, by Massimo Clerici, in via Regina Vecchia.

Church of San Giorgio

Parish church built up in the 1600's, decorated with prestigious stuccoworks and frieze of Stefano Salterio (XVIII century); also painting and sculpture of the 1700's are kept inside. Oratory of the Confratelli del Santissimo Sacramento.
stands on the right side of the church, near the choir of the church. It is embellished by magnificent eighteenth-century decorations and a shovel, representing the Madonna of the Rosary, by Carlo Innocenzo Carloni, with the relative altar in stucco of Stefano Salterio that, unfortunately, is damaged.

Monument to Giuseppe Franck

It rises beside the cemetery and it is a funeral monument of the 1800's; with its pyramidal shape and a height of 20 meters, it wants to remember Giuseppe Franck (XIX sec.), son of a famous German doctor.

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