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Gera Lario

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Gera Lario is a small village at the top end of the Alto Lario west bank. It is situated at the mouth of the torrent Gera at the foot of Montemezzo.
Today it is one of the most favourite destinations for tourists who enjoy water-sports. There are private and public facilities such as the new lido and the new port to allow the practise of these sports.
It is believed that the name 'Gera' derives from the Greek word "leréus", priest, suggesting the presence of a place of worship.
This village was founded in the vicinity of Olonio and was used by the Spanish troops as a military base during the battles against the Grigioni of Valtellina.
In 1482 the village gained ecclesiastical autonomy from Sorico. A series of feuds between the Tre Pievi ensued then becoming county of Tolomeo Gallio in 1580. This was until 1620 when during Spanish domination, even administrative autonomy was obtained by Gera.
On the houses facing the only square along the Strada Regina and shaded by secular plane trees, there are still traces of frescoes dated XVI and XVII century. These are proof of the village's prosperity in the past.

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