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Villa Carlotta - Tremezzo

Мест лодки Tremezzo зимнего хранения озеро Комо

Villa Carlotta is a marvellous high-class residence on the western shore of Lake Como constructed in 1690 by the Milanese banker Giorgio Clerici and donate by the princess Marianna of Nassau, wife of Albert of Prussia, to her daughter Carlotta for her wedding with the Duke of Sassonia Meiningen.

Villa Carlotta hosts very important works of art of Canova, Appiani, Hayez and antique furniture, acquired by the Marquis of Sommariva. Really of great value and evocation the landscape garden, realised by the Dukes of Sassonia-Meiningen (19th century).

The gardens of Villa Carlotta chiefly owe their reputation to the rhododendrons’ and azaleas’ spring flowering, consisting of over 150 different sorts. But the gardens are worth to visit in every period of the year: old varieties of camellias, century old cedars and sequoias, huge planes and tropical plants, the Rock garden and the Ferns valley, the Rhododendrons wood and the Bamboos garden, the agricultural tools museum and the wonderful views on the lake built in the ages the celebrity of this place, still today considered "a place of heaven".

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