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Outdoor dry storage boats

Outdoor dry storage sail boats and motorboats lake Como

The outside storage of boats is aimed at sailboats, motorboats and rubber boats up to 10 meters long equipped with road trailer with wheels or invaded.

In this "dry port" you can leave your boat in storage and put it in water, if necessary, also by telephone booking. Handling operations to position the boat under the crane shall be borne by our staff. In a few minutes you can have the boat in the water moored at the dock. So in the end use, it is easy to leave the boat to our staff who will move it back into the yard.

The sailing boats, to use this service, they must be equipped with "internal straps" and can be launched and hauled also with the mast mounted.

Also ideal for the winter months, at the end of summer use, you can store your boat in our dry parking. Sheltered from atmospheric events, will be preserved better and will require less maintenance.
Ideal for sailing boats that can be stored also with the mast mounted.


Benefits of Dry Storage

* Always clean boat
* No antifouling
* Safe against theft
* Safe against weathering
* Lower impairment
* Low Maintenance




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